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  • Dawn Spragg

God's Goodness

Is God really good all the time?

Of course we would say yes! For such a long time we have been confirming this in church as a congregational response. “God is good, all the time” and “All the time, God is good.” It seems to be an affirmation for all of us.

However, sometime ago a mom who lost her beautiful five year old daughter shared with me how difficult these words became for her. Saying God is good all the time was something she could not bring herself to say amid her tremendous grief. I was reminded that so many people are walking through this life with tremendous pain and may not be convicted of the goodness of God all the time.

For the Lord is good. His unfailing love continues forever, and his faithfulness continues to each generation. Psalm 100:5

At our United Methodist Conference we were encouraged to consider God’s goodness here and now. Instead of reciting “God is good all the time,” we claimed “God is good here and now.” As we make our way through challenges in our world, our nation, and our personal lives we can be confident that God is with us today. Here and now, just like He has been throughout history, God is good, faithful and loving. May we take comfort in knowing that this truth will remain from generation to generation no matter what we face.

“Here and now- God is good”

“God is good-Here and now!”

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