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  • Dawn Spragg

Building Connection

This month is National Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is a growing problem in the United States, no less so among teens than among adults. A report released last summer by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows the suicide rates doubling between 2007 and 2015 for adolescent girls, age 15-19, and increasing by 30 percent for adolescent boys in the same age range. (1)

Social support and connection can help prevent suicide. The CDC suggests these actions for building connection. (2)

  • Support the development of relationships between youth and positive adults in their lives (e.g., teachers, coaches).

  • Help build positive attachments between families and organizations in the community.

  • Create and sustain peer-delivered services and support groups.

  • Implement activities in educational institutions that help students increase and strengthen their social networks and connections.

Need more inspiration? I love this article about Montana’s Arlee Warrior basketball team and their work to help prevent suicide among their peers.

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