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  • Dawn Spragg

Take A Stand Against Bullying

The CDC's latest Youth Risk Surveillance found that Arkansas was number one in the percentage of teenagers who were bullied on school property, seriously considered suicide, were forced to have sex, and drove drunk. (1) There are many ways to prevent adolescent violence and make our schools and communities safer. First and foremost, we can all educate ourselves about what it is to be bullied. You can learn more about bullying, the consequences it has, and warning signs to watch out for at

We can also take a visible stand against bullying this month by participating in some of the activities planned for National Bullying Prevention Month.

Unity Day

Make it ORANGE and make it end! Wear and share ORANGE on Wednesday, October 24, to show that you believe that no child should ever experience bullying.

Show Support through Social Media

Download posters and update your social media profiles using #UnityDay2018!

Make Friends With Someone You Don't Know

Don't let anyone at school eat alone in the cafeteria or on a school field trip. Make inclusion your mantra this month.

Showcase Unity in the Classroom

Choose one of a host of ideas about how to celebrate unity in your classroom.

Stand Up

If you see someone being bullied, you can step in, or find an adult who can step in. If you suspect someone you know is being bullied, and is experiencing negative consequences from this, be sure to encourage them to reach out to a professional.

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